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No matter what your age, your brain has certain needs.

Good routines for brain health help improve memory, increase focus, overcome ADHD, and even prevent Alzheimer’s. September is a good time to start new routines. Prepare now to begin in September.

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 We will start with the most difficult step – planning to succeed. Once you decide to maintain or improve your brain health, the rest of the steps will be gradual and easy.

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Here are the steps for you and/or your children:

  1. Look at the attached sleep chart below and determine you/your child’s sleep needs.
  2. Set a bedtime and a time to get up.
  3. Choose two 30-minute times – one for exercise and one for food preparation. You only have to exercise for 5-minutes and prepare food for 5-minutes, but the 30-minute-block will allow you to gradually increase when you are ready.
  4. Warning: you will probably have to give up some activities to schedule these blocks of time. This will seem difficult at first. Later, you will see that you are doing better without these other activities.

Sleep needs

A Sample 

  1. My sleep needs are at the upper end of the Adult – 9 hours.
  2. From September to May, I get up at 6 AM and go to bed at 9 PM.
  3. My exercise block is from 6:10 to 6:40 AM (but at first, only exercise 5-minutes)
  4. My food preparation block is from 5:40 to 6:10 PM (but at first, only prepare for 5-minutes then use the microwave.)

Develop a plan for yourself and/or your children and have it in place for September, when I’ll send the next step.


We teach brain health and wellness.

We also help you overcome brain difficulties such as ADHD, lack of focus, anger, anxiety and depression, memory problems, and habitual behaviors.

We are certified in the Bredesen Protocol and can help you prevent and, for many, reverse the cognitive decline of dementia and Alzheimer's.