Cedarbrook Staff

Jerry Jensen has over 40 years experience as a teacher, school principal, and psychologist.photo Jerry Jensen  Jerry's background includes:

    • former teacher and principal
    • psychotherapy with adults for relationship concerns
    • parent and relationship enrichment
    • spiritual direction and wellness
    • general mental health counseling with a sensitivity to trauma and abuse issues
    • presentations and trainings to local and national audiences
    • dedication to his spouse and children

Personal Mission Statement

To do what is right and just,

To show constant love,

To walk humbly with God,

To share this through service to others, and

To speak up for the vulnerable and oppressed.

Some Professional Highlights

  • 40+ years experience as a counselor, teacher, and school principal (yep, he's an old guy)
  • Licensed Psychologist (LP)
  • former Chair and Vice Chair of the Minnesota Board of Psychology (member 2003 - 2011)
  • former Board of Directors of the Minnesota Counseling Association

Jerry's Educational Highlights

  • M.A. in Counseling Psychology from St. Mary’s University of Minnesota (1995)
  • B.S. in Education (minor in Psychology) from the University of Minnesota (1977)

Jerry is certified in Functional Medicine as it relates to wellness, mental health, and well-being.


Jerry also has a background in philosophy, theology, and spirituality.

  • he graduated from Nazareth Hall Preparatory Seminary (1970)
  • he has taken classes at the St. Paul Seminary, St. Thomas University, St. Catherine's College, and the Crookston Ministry Institute.
  • he has training and experience as a Spiritual Director and served as the Minnesota Regional Coordinator of Spiritual Directors International for six (6) years.

Jerry's Teaching Experience

Jerry has provided professional development, continuing education, and consultation to local and national audiences.

  • 3M
  • State of MN
  • Department of Defense (Army and Air Force)
  • US Department of Agriculture
  • FBI
  • various community organizations

Jerry has taught:

  • elementary grades (Frazee, MN and Mahnomen,MN)
  • high school (Cretin-Derham Hall High School, St. Paul, MN)
  • served as an Elementary/Middle School Principal (St. Therese, Deephaven; St. Stephen's, Anoka: St. Philip's, Bemidji)
  • Director of Adult Education & Youth Ministries (Corpus Christi Church, Roseville MN
  • Instructor (Metro North Adult Basic Education)

He has served as an adjunct faculty member at the following:

  • Central Lakes Community College (Brainerd, MN),
  • Minneapolis Community & Technical College,
  • North Hennepin Community College (Brooklyn Park, MN)
  • Lecturer at the University of Minnesota.

He has taught

  • Human Development,
  • Psychology of Adulthood and Aging,
  • Applied Psychology, and
  • the Psychology of Adjustment.

Jerry's Counseling Experience

Jerry is the founder and Executive Director of Cedarbrook Center. He provides counseling for children, adolescents, and families.  He provides community and professional education on a wide range of human growth and development topics.

Jerry has been a psychotherapist

  • Northern Pines Mental Health Center in Brainerd, MN
    • worked with children, adolescents and adults in a rural, four-county Community Mental Health Center collaborative.
  • Domestic Abuse Project in Minneapolis, MN
    • served as the Interim Director of Children’s Programs and the Coordinator of the Men’s After Care program.
    • worked with men who wanted to change their abusive behavior
    • worked with children who were exposed to domestic violence
  • River City Mental Health Clinic in St. Paul, MN.


Jerry's Volunteer Involvement

Jerry's volunteer involvement includes:

  • governor appointment to the Minnesota Board of Psychology from 2003 - 2011.  Served as Chair and Vice-Chair from 2008-10.
  • volunteer as liturgical musician at St. Thomas of the Pines Catholic Church & Rejoice Lutheran Church in Brainerd, MN.
  • founded ecumenical Brainerd Lakes Area Liturgy Day (2011 - present)

Past community involvements include membership on many committees and task forces including:

  • St. Cecilia Health and Wellness Committee,
  • Minneapolis Civic Orchestra Board of Directors,
  • Roseville Area Public Schools District School & Community Budget Task Force -- Chair,
  • Frazee-Vergas Public Schools PER Committee - Chair
  • Ramsey County Initiative for Violence Free Families,
  • National Father-to-Father Initiative Steering Committee,
  • Hamline University Violence Free Families Task Force,
  • Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse Advisory Board,
  • St. Paul District 11 Coalition - Secretary,
  • Songshine Music Group--Jensen family group that performs for senior citizens

Programs Jerry Developed

Jerry developed:

  • Focus for Success a program to help improve attention, concentration, and focus.
  • Building Healthy Family Relationships which helps participants enrich relationships and strengthen childrearing practices.
  • Developed and taught Premarriage Preparation Weekends.

Other programmatic accomplishments include developing:

Cedarbrook Institute, an intensive training for advocates, educators and child care professionals, which focuses on recognition, intervention, and working with children exposed to abuse.

ECHO: Nurturing Spiritual Role Models and the Catechist Spirituality Project (commended by the MN Council of Churches)a process which focus on nurturing children’s spiritual lives through spiritual growth opportunities for their parents and religious education teachers.


He provides seminars and retreats on a variety of topics surrounding relationships, parenting, education, and child/adolescent growth and development.


Jerry's Psychologist Competencies


Gerald E. Jensen, MA, LP
Statement of Competencies


(as of 2013 Minnesota no longer requires Competencies to be on file with the Board of Psychology -- but just in case you were wondering...)


Provide individual, couples, family, and group counseling and psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults.


Assess cognitive functioning, achievement, interests, aptitudes, personality, development, psychopathology, wellness amd performance through interview, observation, and the administration and interpretation of standardized, projective psychological instruments, and functional lab testing.


Diagnose and treat mental health conditions and disorders.


Design and implement educational experiences for professionals, students, and the general population regarding but not limited to:

  • trauma, abuse, neglect, and maltreatment

  • human growth and development, human potential and performance

  • psychology, counseling, human development, mental illness

  • relationships, communications, human relations

  • application of psychological principles to human performance

  • provide consultation, counseling services, and psychological services to schools, educational organizations, community groups, and businesses.


Presentation testimonials.

Jerry is a gifted presenter and teacher.  He is able to present material in an interesting manner, involve participants, and have fun due to his keen sense of humor—even when topics are difficult and traumatic. He uses real life examples, media, small groups, and participant interaction successfully. Here are some comments from past participants.

By far the best continuing education workshop I have ever attended. Jerry is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, fun, and encourages us to be the best we can be.  ~ Abuse Program Director, Tacoma, WA

“…enthusiastic…{pullquote}great sense of humor{/pullquote}…real life examples and suggestions I can start using today. And all grounded in excellent research, which he presents succinctly and interestingly.”  ~ Social Worker, Cannon Air Force Base, NM

"…obviously an expert in his field…wish we could have him all day." ~ Psychologist, San Antonio, TX

“I never give someone all 5’s, but in Jerry’s case I have to.  He is knowledgeable, interesting, prepared, uses a number of methods successfully, has a great sense of humor, and presented it all without notes!”  ~ Attorney, Davenport, IA

“...appreciate your techniques and awareness building to avoid 'jumping to conclusions' diagnoses!”  ~ Psychologist, Minneapolis, MN

"...great variety...real life examples made difficult concepts more understandable and applicable......anecdotes kept me interested and showed the information applied to real situations...informative and easy to understand and relate to...down to earth approach...spoke as a peer...excellent videos, PowerPoint, handouts and visuals!”  ~ Teachers, Medford, MN

“Jerry has a gift for presenting information in a storytelling mode. It’s easy to stay tuned in and understand even the most difficult subject matter.”  ~ College Vice President, Brainerd, MN

“Three hours seemed to rush by. Wish there was more time.”  ~ Registered Nurse, Minneapolis, MN

“Very interesting and relevant to my job!”  ~ Teacher, Ashby, MN

“...an excellent speaker with pertinent and humorous anecdotes....very engaging and helpful to our understanding....realistic examples....applicable, interesting, well worth my time...I recommend this workshop to others!"  ~ Teachers and Administrators, Various districts, MN

“…makes the material very interesting through the use of real life examples. He’s great!!  ~ Teacher, Pillager, MN

“Jerry is enjoyable to listen to and easy to follow...loved the relaxed atmosphere...an excellent topic that pertained to many students...could easily apply and relate to daily student interactions...very helpful, very useful...the instructor is a former teacher, a good speaker, and very humorous."  ~ Teachers, Breckenridge, MN

“…funny and animated…very knowledgeable…” ~ Principal, Minneapolis, MN

But they don’t have to listen to you every day!”  ~ Jerry’s children, Brainerd, MN


Sandy has worked with children for over 31 years. She has been an elementary teacher and media specialist. Shephoto Sandy

  • has a Masters Degree (MA) in education
  • is an elementary teacher & media specialist (20+ years). Currently is teaching at Lowel Elementary schools in the Brainerd School District
  • is Director of the Focus for Success program at Cedarbrook Center
  • is a Mother of 28 years
  • is dedicated to working with children
  • has taught school staff computer, library, and media classes
  • is former chair of the Brainerd District Continuing Education Committee
  • started Camp Baxter and Camp Lowell (reading enjoyment and motivation during the school day)
  • started 4th grade volunteer Media Helpers
  • invited authors and illustrators for school presentations

Minnesota Board of Psychology Excellent Service Awards.

(Reprinted from the Brainerd Dispatch)

Jerry Jensen, a Licensed Psychologist at Cedarbrook Counseling in Baxter, received special recognition awards in December 2010 and January 2011. The Governor awarded Jensen a Certificate of Recognition for excellent service to the State of Minnesota. The Board of Psychology awarded a Plaque in appreciation for his eight years of service as Chair, Vice Chair, and integral part of many of the Board's standing committees.


Jensen was recognized as an innovative leader and dedicated board member. His leadership moved the Board to a proactive and involved governing body. He set in motion many initiatives including the Board's forthcoming examination of telepsychology and it's impact on the citizens of Minnesota.

At different times during his tenure on the Board, Jensen served as Chair of the Board, Vice-Chair of the Board, Chair of the Application Review Committee, Chair of the Legislative Committee, Chair of the Professional Responsibility Examination Committee, and Chair of the Administrative Committee. Jensen represented the MN Board at the Association of Provincial and State Psychology Boards and gave a presentation on “Distance Education for Psychologists.”


Jensen's innovative leadership carries over to his practice in Baxter. He formed Cedarbrook Center, a non-profit organization that provides Focus for Success, an alternative for those seeking help to overcome ADHD symptoms and learn to improve attention, focus, and concentration. Students use NASA-developed brain wave technology to learn focus and attention. Sensors read brain activity and students learn to control computer activities by their focus and attention alone.


Jensen provides individual and couples counseling at his Baxter office. With pastors from area churches, he has developed a proactive and innovative program for couples preparing for marriage.