Help client's in Cedarbrook's Brain Health Program via telehealth from your office or home.  You need only a computer and a video camera.  We use VSee HIPAA Video and Chat.  You choose the number of clients you can see per month.

Cedarbrook Center is seeking a licensed physician (MD/DC/DO/ND) to provide telehealth or in-person consultations for clients and our team members.

We focus on brain health from a wellness perspective. Our consulting physician would:

  • Review client intake information and medical history
  • Video conference with client and client’s health coach (psychologist, nutritionist, etc.)
  • Order labs, review/interpret labs, and prescribe interventions
  • Establish and implement patient plans by following or adapting protocol regimen
  • Answer clinical staff and client questions
  • Provide follow-up consultations as needed

The ideal consulting physician would have:

  • Familiarity with the functional medicine approach and root cause assessment
  • Familiarity with functional medicine nutritional and health laboratory assessments
  • Ability to customize lifestyle prescriptions based on individual circumstances, needs, and health status
  • Excellent communication skills
  • An understanding of lifestyle factors impacting brain health – such as stress management, sleep, nutrition, and physical activity
  • A lifestyle consistent with healthy brain practices – we lead by example.

In addition to general brain health and wellness, we are certified in the Bredesen Protocol and are in the initial stages of providing and adapting the protocol for overall brain health and preventing dementia. The Bredesen Protocol provides a comprehensive, personalized program designed to improve cognition, prevent dementia, and reverse the cognitive decline of SCI, MCI, and early Alzheimer’s disease.

The protocol is extensive and requires a team of passionate healers and progressive thinkers to provide the best results with clients/patients. Clients are followed by a health coach as they implement lifestyle changes in exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and brain training. The physician's role would be to implement portions of the protocol and coordinate services with the client through the health coach and clinical staff. Monthly in-person or telehealth appointments (via VSee) are required for the first six months of client care and as needed after that.

To find out more about the position, contact Jerry Jensen by email (be sure to double check your email address line) or phone 218-822-3736.