My preference is to visit with people face-to-face.  Even so, I have been conducting online consultation sessions for over four years.  Online sessions work well and eliminate travel times.  Here's how to get started.

Get VSee ready.  (VSee is a secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant video chat tool.) 

1)  You will need a device with a camera -- either a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.

2)  Get the free VSee app for your device.

3)  VSee is very intuitive, but if you want a tutorial, go here and scroll down to How to Use Stand Alone VSee Video Chat Features.

Schedule an appointment -- choose one of the following.

1)  Call Jerry at 218-822-3736 and play phone tag.


2)  Use our standard online scheduling system through Time Trade In the comments section, request a VSee appointment.  Make sure that you are logged into VSee using the same email address as you used to schedule the appointment.  Please note: this system is NOT secure and encrypted.


3)  Use the secure and encrypted web form through HushMail.  (Double check your email address -- otherwise we can not get back to you.)  After our first visit, I will give you a link to our secure and encrypted scheduling through Patient Fusion.

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Cedarbrook Counseling LLC is a single member Limited Liability Company (LLC). I am the owner and provide servises as a Licensed Psychologist. I also donate time to Cedarbrook Center, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. I host this website for both the non-profit and the LLC (to save money for the non-profit). So that you can tell which services are provided by the LLC, I have used the "Body, Mind, Spirit" icon and my picture across the top. -- Jerry Jensen, MA, LP