Some of Cedarbrook Counseling policies are listed below.  Click on the statement to read more.

We believe that Cedarbrook provides an exceptional value in counseling services

You determine value by a number of factors -- results, costs, and quality of services are among those.  While our costs are higher than many ($214 per session), we believe our results and quality balance that out.

Story: Many years ago and far away, Jerry was asked to help determine a treatment plan for a 10-year old boy.  This boy had been in individual therapy for over two years, was in a day treatment program for 3 hours out of each school day, and had a county mental health case manager.  All good people, all doing a good job.  But no one could figure out how to help this child.  After Jerry had spent some time to gather history from the boy, his mother, and the county social worker a pattern was showing.  Jerry asked, "Has he been exposed to any harsh treatment?"  (This is a gentle way of asking if he has been abused--all the signs were pointing to it.)  Mom and social worker were adamant that it was very unlikely...but the boy said: "Mom, you don't know what dad's like when you're not around!"  He then detailed a number of repeatedly abusive incidents.  Mom was in tears, social worker shocked, and the boy was finally able to get the help he needed.

Not all situations are as dramatic as that, but you can see that spending $214 and finding the right intervention far outweighed the $1000's spent over the previous two years with very little results.

We are “out of network” providers for health insurance plans.

You need to contact your health plan managers to determine how to submit claims for payment for out-of-network services.  You will need to be persistent because some health insurance plans very actively discourage you from seeing out-of-network providers.  See difficulties with "managed care" for reasons why.  See 3 Steps to Getting Health Insurance Reimbursement for how easy it is for many to submit claims.

Many people use health insurance benefits to help pay for medically necessary mental health services. You have a contract with your health insurance company for specific benefits. Sometimes those benefits are not adequate to provide all needed or recommended mental health services. You must determine if you wish to follow our recommendation even though your health insurance company will not pay for those services. In rare cases, we may discontinue services if you do not comply with treatment recommendations.

Story: Insurance companies typically pay for one diagnostic/assessment session. I have developed a protocol for assessing ADHD. This protocol includes the guidelines and recommendations from prominent organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the leading journals and textbooks in the field, and many other sources. If one would properly diagnose ADHD it would take closer to 12 hours than one - yet it is standard practice for insurance companies to pay for one.

Clients pay for services at each session.

Sessions are $214 for a 45 to 50-minute session.  I do see some clients for reduced fees or pro bono.

Cedarbrook Counseling requires a 24-hour notice to cancel appointments.

Missed appointments (or late cancelled appointments) are billed at the normal rate.