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Here's another interesting article about a healthy microbiome Here is the download.

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Give to the Max Day (GTMD) is over, but the fun goes on.  Donating on GTMD includes the fun of drawings for prizes -- $1000 each hour or a $10,000 grand drawing. GiveMN charges 6.9% processing fees for donations.

What's our DIY Twist? 0% processing fee at PayPal Giving Fund. Buy a lottery ticket with the 6.9% savings. That way you still have the excitement of winning prizes.

Go here to donate with 0% processing fees. If you win the Lottery you could give the winnings to Cedarbrook -- or not; it was worth a try. 

Thank you for donating United Airlines Mileage Plus frequent flier miles to Cedarbrook. It allows us to make trips to train workers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines to provide care for traumatized children. We are grateful to Airline Ambassadors International and United Airlines for partnering with Cedarbrook to make this possible.

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Give to the Max Day has passed, but we can always use frequent flier miles. Donating United Airlines frequent flier miles helps us get to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to train workers to help traumatized children.

Our DIY twist #1 is "Miles, not Money." You can donate frequent flier miles to Cedarbrook through the generosity of United Airlines and our partnership with Airline Ambassadors International. Go here to see how. (It's quick, but there are two steps.)

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United MileagePlus frequent flier miles (minimum of 500 miles) can be donated through our partnership with Airline Ambassadors International. Click here and look for their logo.

$1 covers 1 mile of the travel cost to St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Paypal Giving Fund covers all fees, so 100% of your contribution gets us closer to helping children! 

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