Minnesota Board of Psychology Excellent Service Awards.

(Reprinted from the Brainerd Dispatch)

Jerry Jensen, a Licensed Psychologist at Cedarbrook Counseling in Baxter, received special recognition awards in December 2010 and January 2011. The Governor awarded Jensen a Certificate of Recognition for excellent service to the State of Minnesota. The Board of Psychology awarded a Plaque in appreciation for his eight years of service as Chair, Vice Chair, and integral part of many of the Board's standing committees.



Jensen was recognized as an innovative leader and dedicated board member. His leadership moved the Board to a proactive and involved governing body. He set in motion many initiatives including the Board's forthcoming examination of telepsychology and it's impact on the citizens of Minnesota.

At different times during his tenure on the Board, Jensen served as Chair of the Board, Vice-Chair of the Board, Chair of the Application Review Committee, Chair of the Legislative Committee, Chair of the Professional Responsibility Examination Committee, and Chair of the Administrative Committee. Jensen represented the MN Board at the Association of Provincial and State Psychology Boards and gave a presentation on “Distance Education for Psychologists.”


Jensen's innovative leadership carries over to his practice in Baxter. He formed Cedarbrook Center, a non-profit organization that provides Focus for Success, an alternative for those seeking help to overcome ADHD symptoms and learn to improve attention, focus, and concentration. Students use NASA-developed brain wave technology to learn focus and attention. Sensors read brain activity and students learn to control computer activities by their focus and attention alone.


Jensen provides individual and couples counseling at his Baxter office. With pastors from area churches, he has developed a proactive and innovative program for couples preparing for marriage.