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Focus for Success in the Star Tribune

Focus for Success and Maestra Brianna received coverage in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. See the story here.

Focus for Success can help anyone improve focus and concentration. It is especially helpful for students who struggle with attention difficulties.

Cedarbrook is collaborating with Minneapolis Public Schools to provide after-school Extended Learning at Emerson Spanish Immersion school. The program will be based on our Focus for Success program.

Noe at FFS


Our son was like all kids diagnosed with ADHD...ADD. Many challenges in school...staying on task, not handing in homework, failing classes, the list goes on...


We had him on meds from 1st grade until the last day of 5th grade. We just didn’t see how meds were doing any good, his skin was gray and he was so thin his ribs stuck out, and he wasn’t growing.


6th grade – 10th grade was a big challenge....The end of 10th grade we found Focus for Success !!!


Our son is now in his second semester of 11th grade...PASSING all classes, better focused, and his self esteem is so much better.


We just had an IEP meeting and his case manger commented on how much he has improved !!!


Note: The photo is representional and not a photo of the actual student.

Bring Focus for Success to your school or community. More info coming soon. Can't wait to find out more? Click here to email us.

Here is an overview with more details to be determined by February 15th, 2019

4.5-day initial training - 9 to 3:30 PM
Intense training including

  • brain development and brain health background,
  • 5 pillars of brain health with attention to specific areas of focus,
  • hands-on use of equipment,
  • personal focus training for each participant,
  • forms, newsletter articles, procedues that work, how-to's,
  • hints and tips from over 10 years of continual improvement to the program.

We also provide in-depth ways to determine underlying causes and correlates to focus obstacles. The program gets press for helping people with poor attention, but it will improve focus and concentration for anyone. NASA developed the equipment to train astronauts and jet fighter pilots (equipment has been modified for student use).

On-Going Support. After Training, you can begin to offer the program - add to it, modify it to your needs etc. We offer ongoing support – we want you to be successful.

Training teaches the program and how to use the tools. Teacher Certification requires completing a year of the program with students (with our ongoing support) plus completing the program yourself (additional components included).

Limited to 8 participants. Application required. Use this contact form to save your space.

Focus for Success can help anyone improve focus and concentration. It is especially helpful for students who struggle with attention difficulties.

grantNeurofeedback is brain wave biofeedback (EEG biofeedback). The electrical activity of the brain is read with special sensors and recorded by the computer. Without the computer reading our brain signals we don't know what our brain activity is -- and so we aren't able to change it. But neurofeedback gives us that information.

We do many things at Cedarbrook to help improve lives. We are most passionate about helping kids be successful -- that is to be someone who is respectful, responsible, and fun to be around.

Society believes in one cause - wrong.

We're not here to help your child become the best reader on the block, a virtuoso musician, or an Olympic gold medalist. We just want to help kids be the best that they can be.

Mistaken beliefs

The International Headache Society recognizes more than 150 diagnostic headache categories.  When we get a headache, the doctor doesn't jump right away to "it's a brain tumor!"

There are over 59 causes of attention difficulties. Let's not jump right away to "it must be ADHD!"

FACT:  The Great Smokey Mountain study found that "...over 57% of those who received medication did not meet the criteria" for ADHD.

SOURCE: Parens, E. and Johnston, J.: Facts, values, and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): an update on the controversies.  Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Mental Health 2009, 3:1

FACT: A clinical report to the Western Australia government found that ADHD is misdiagnosed 75% of the time.

SOURCE: Education and Health Standing Committee of Western Australia, October 2004. Inquiry into Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Western Australia. Western Australia. Parliament. Legislative Assembly. Committees. Education and Health Standing Committee. Report 8


More facts and figures to come....

NIMH logoThe booklet Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) was published by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in 2009.  It is a good resource stating the current conventional wisdom (generally accepted and sometimes wrong beliefs) and treatment standards regarding ADHD.  

However, conventional wisdom about ADHD