Whether you are in first-grade or college, all learning involves memory. Memory, in turn, requires alertness, attention to task, and rehearsal.colored pencils 190w

It's not always easy to stay on task. Our fast-paced society combined with T.V., the Internet, and other media shorten everyone's attention span. We can't expect everything to be interesting to everyone.

Often if students are impulsive or can not stay on task, it is assumed they have ADHD. Inattentive or hyperactive behavior could be a sign that a student has ADHD--or it could be related to a number of other "ADHD imitators." Gifted and talented children are often misdiagnosed as having ADHD.

That's why the first step in our Focus for Success program is to determine your goals and assess any current difficulties your student might have. We will individualize a program to improve your student's success in school including the following:

  • increase focus and concentration
  • learn to ignore distractions,
  • improve memory,
  • improve organization,
  • complete tasks on time,
  • be better at following instructions,
  • improve behavior by reducing hyperactivity and impulsiveness,
  • improve academic performance, and
  • improve relationships and social interaction.