We do many things at Cedarbrook to help improve lives. We are most passionate about helping kids be successful -- that is to be someone who is respectful, responsible, and fun to be around.

Society believes in one cause - wrong.

We're not here to help your child become the best reader on the block, a virtuoso musician, or an Olympic gold medalist. We just want to help kids be the best that they can be.


We believe in the Mind-Body-Spirit-Heart oneness of life. We use a functional/integrative approach – addressing one area impacts all areas.

Our current focus is providing treatment for attention difficulties and related concerns. We do this by improving brain function and health with three steps.

1)  Listen and test

The National Institute of Mental Health states: “It can take months for a doctor or specialist to know if your child has ADHD.” If you get an ADHD diagnosis in 10 minutes – look for a second opinion.

Cedarbrook's Attention Screening is a 2-hour screening that looks at all of the 59 causes of attention difficulties. We pinpoint underlying causes of attention (or other) difficulties. One cause can impact many behaviors, just as many behaviors can have a single cause. Sorting this out takes more than the average 10-minute ADHD diagnosis.

2) Determine appropriate interventions and referrals.

There are most likely multiple contributors to your child's attention difficulties.  And even if there were only one cause, to live with that we've probably compensated which impacts other areas. For example, if I have difficulty focusing it may take longer for me to do homework. Doing homework for excessive amounts of time keeps me from getting outdoors and having fun and getting exercise. Reduced fun and a lack of exercise contribute to an irritable mood. An irritable mood negatively impacts relationships. I could go on and on.

3) We treat your kids like our kids.

We provide neurofeedback, counseling, brain training, working memory training, parent coaching, and a host of interventions to help kids be their best. We're happy to be part of the “village it takes to raise a child” and we will refer you to other specialists as appropriate.