We live in an instantaneous society.  Fast food, instant downloads, 24-hour shopping, overnight delivery.  We expect things now - or sooner.

Unfortunately (for our children) the brain still grows at about the same rate it has for thousands of years.  The frontal lobes are not completely developed until around age 25!  (The frontal lobes are where 'executive functioning' happens and helps us to be 'less impulsive'.)

The symptoms of ADHD are normal development for 3- to  6-year-olds.  We make a mistake by labeling kids with normal development as having ADHD (which apparently is happening as you can see in my article ADHD is overdiagnosed.)

I do not agree with everything supported by CCHR, but their video below sure makes the point.

While there are many children who need help with attention difficulties -- mislabeling them as having ADHD will not help. Dr. Allen Frances was the chair of the task force that created the current DSM-IV (the manual used in US for mental health diagnosis). He states:

I learned from painful experience how small changes in the definition of mental disorders can create huge, unintended consequences. Our panel tried hard to be conservative and careful but inadvertently contributed to three false "epidemics" -- attention deficit disorder, autism and childhood bipolar disorder. Clearly, our net was cast too wide and captured many "patients" who might have been far better off never entering the mental health system.