ADHD reality check October is ADHD Awareness Month.  

Horror 5: Watch and cry.

Kids deserve better treatment.


Horror # 5: This video is even sadder when you realize there are many interventions for ADHD that work with no harmful side effects. They take time -- but our kids are worth it.

Horror # 4: CDC Study shows most kids taking medication for ADHD "do not meet the case criteria" for ADHD.  Other studies agree.  57% kids treated for ADHD don't have ADHD (Great Smokey Mountain Study, 2009)...75% don't meet ADHD criteria (Western Australia, 2004)...72% don't meet case criteria (Oklahoma, 2012)...61% don't meet case criteria (South Carolina, 2012)...20% received an incorrect diagnosis (Germany, 2012)


Horror #3: Consumer Reports: "Your child might be taking an ADHD drug he doesn't need."  See the article here.

Reality Check:  There are over 59 causes of attention difficulties.  ADHD is only one.  Finding which of the 59 underlying cause(s) is critical to proper intervention and treatment.  Don't assume it's ADHD -- actually, it's probably not.

Horror #2: National Institutes of Health (NIH) studies show that, in the long-term, medication for ADHD makes things worse! Oh, and they have terrible harmful side effects. Makes things worse + harmful = bad idea.

Reality Check: There are many safe and effective ways to improve attention and brain function.  And most are cheaper than medication.  See our web pages for some of these safe, effective "alternatives". 

Horror #1: Kids get an ADHD diagnosis in 10 minutes.

Reality Check: The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) says "it may take your doctor or specialist many months to determine if your child has ADHD".