Fr. Alando Williams from St. Vincent and the Grenadines was with us in September and October. He preached and presented a mission appeal in Pine City, Moose Lake, and Hinkley. He had some free time during the week to enjoy some fun and hospitality.

Thanks to the following people for making him feel welcome and sharing time with him.

Josh John and Kärsten Jensen picked Fr. Alando up at the airport.

Fr. Mike Joncas hosted him and discussed their common interest in liturgy.

kayaking Karen and Fr Alando

Karen and Terry Hieptas hosted him for a day and went kayaking.

Joanne and Dennis Olson hosted a dinner party and an enjoyable evening.

Rachel and Fr Alando on platform

Fr Alando on zip

Rachel Vopatek accompanied him on the Zipline Tour in Brainerd.

IMG 5961

Fr. Alando was able to see the Mississippi headwaters,

IMG 6033

visit Bishop Daniel in Duluth,

IMG 6032

and meet Fr. Mike Schmitz (apparently his Bible in a Year podcast is of international acclaim).

IMG 5816