Bring Focus for Success to Your Community

Bring Focus for Success to your school or community. More info coming soon. Can't wait to find out more? Click here to email us.

Here is an overview with more details to be determined by February 15th, 2019

4.5-day initial training - 9 to 3:30 PM
Intense training including

  • brain development and brain health background,
  • 5 pillars of brain health with attention to specific areas of focus,
  • hands-on use of equipment,
  • personal focus training for each participant,
  • forms, newsletter articles, procedues that work, how-to's,
  • hints and tips from over 10 years of continual improvement to the program.

We also provide in-depth ways to determine underlying causes and correlates to focus obstacles. The program gets press for helping people with poor attention, but it will improve focus and concentration for anyone. NASA developed the equipment to train astronauts and jet fighter pilots (equipment has been modified for student use).

On-Going Support. After Training, you can begin to offer the program - add to it, modify it to your needs etc. We offer ongoing support – we want you to be successful.

Training teaches the program and how to use the tools. Teacher Certification requires completing a year of the program with students (with our ongoing support) plus completing the program yourself (additional components included).

Limited to 8 participants. Application required. Use this contact form to save your space.