You may pay for counseling services by using:

  • private payment of services for the utmost privacy and confidentiality
  • your out-of-network benefits of your health insurance plan

Note: accessing your health insurance benefits requires that counseling is medically necessary to treat a diagnosable mental health condition (i.e. depression, anxiety, etc.).

3 Steps in  3 minutes or less


Every health insurance plan is different. If services are covered under out-of-network provisions of your health insurance plan, you can submit claims directly to them for reimbursement. Services need to be medically necessary (e.g. treatment for depression, anxiety, etc.) You'll probably have to be persistent because some health insurance plans do everything they can to discourage you from utilizing your out-of-network benefits.



Step #


What to do.




Pay Cedarbrook by check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.



Get receipt / itemized bill from Cedarbrook showing the following:

  • the provider’s name and address

  • the diagnosis code or symptoms of illness

  • the date, place and type of service

  • the charge for each service


Complete & mail the “Subscriber Claim Form” along with the itemized bill to your insurance company. You can get the Subscriber Claim Form or a similar form from your health insurance company. Hint: complete all information except for the date of service and photocopy the completed form. Then fill in the date each time

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Cedarbrook Counseling LLC is a single member Limited Liability Company (LLC). I am the owner and provide servises as a Licensed Psychologist. I also donate time to Cedarbrook Center, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. I host this website for both the non-profit and the LLC (to save money for the non-profit). So that you can tell which services are provided by the LLC, I have used the "Body, Mind, Spirit" icon and my picture across the top. -- Jerry Jensen, MA, LP