ellie croppedMy husband and I came across the Focus for Success website while searching for a way to help improve our then 9-year-old daughter's attitude toward school work. Since her earliest years of school, she seemed to struggle to pay attention and stay "engaged" in her reading and homework. Her teachers had always indicated that she was "doing just fine" but as parents we felt that while she always worked hard, she wasn't getting the most out of her efforts.


We met with Jerry and Sandy to learn more about the program and felt its benefits seemed a natural fit for our daughter. Just a few weeks into the program, her father and I agreed that we could see improvement in her ability to stay on task when completing her homework assignments. Even in her extracurricular activities, we felt that she exhibited an expanded capacity for focus and concentration.

This fall, our daughter transitioned to middle school having completed the Focus for Success program in spring. I am proud to say that she is excelling academically and socially.  She seems to have a new sense of confidence in her academic abilities that we just hadn't observed prior to Focus for Success.  She recently came home from school excited to announce that she was carrying the highest percentage math grade in her class. She has A's in all of the classes, but even more importantly, she really cares about her performance and strives to master the material.

I must include in my endorsement of the Focus for Success program a brief note on Jerry and Sandy personally. Throughout our engagement with them, they continually exhibited a level of concern for our daughter's well-being and progress that seemed to match our own. I would highly recommend the program for any parent feeling that their child could use a little boost in their academic performance and in their attitude toward learning!


~ Jennifer

mother of 5th grader

Note: The photo is representional and not a photo of the actual student.