photo of nikOur son, Nik (the photo is a model), had been on several meds over the last two years for ADHD. As soon as he started 5th grade the school system had asked us to please get him started on something. We didn't like doing it, but we thought it was the right thing to do for him.

My husband, John, read the article in Health Watch. He talked with the parents of the young boy in the article. He was encouraged by the conversation.

“If it were a physical health problem you wouldn't even think twice about the cost.” Watching our son come off the medications every day with the nervousness, anxiety, lack of appetite and crying easily, this became an easy decision.

Nik started the program at the end of April this year and we gave him a choice to take the meds at first. He finished the last 5-6 weeks of school without any meds. We never heard anything from the teachers about putting him back on his meds.

The band teacher saw an improvement. The young lady who watches our children has noticed Nik stays more focused when she is talking with him.

The program seemed to be expensive when we were first thinking about it but with the changes in healthcare we would have spent more in medications with fewer results and harmful side effects. This program offers our son better concentration and a happier young man. Thank you for your caring.

~ Deb, mother of 7th grader

Note: The photo is representional and not a photo of the actual student.