Learn to improve focus.  Use brain training equipment developed for NASA astronauts and Air Force pilots. Control computer games with brain activity alone.


Focus Campers will have fun while improving

  • focus for school
  • working memory
  • the “mental game” for sports
  • performance for music

Focus Camp will help you improve focus and even begin to overcome ADHD or other attentional difficulties. You'll feel better about all you do.

Camp activities include the pillars of brain health:

  • Brain stimulation -- computerized neurofeedback (control games with brain activity alone) and other computerized brain training activities
  • Movement -- physical activities that improve brain function and focus (our obstacle course)
  • Nutrition -- enjoy healthy brain snacks (and bring recipes home to share)
  • Nature and Nutrition -- plant and grow your brain-healthy potted garden
  • Sleep and Relaxation -- learn relaxation and calming techniques that improve focus (sleep at home)
  • Interact with others at brain-stimulating strategy games (chess, checkers, Go, etc.)

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