We are all baptized as priest, prophet, and king. Here are two articles about our prophetic role from Richard Rohr's friend John Dear: Signs of a Prophet and Offering Hope. Below is a summary.

  • A prophet speaks God’s message fearlessly, publicly, without compromise, despite the times, whether fair or foul.
  • The prophet does God’s will and speaks God’s message.
  • The prophet is concerned with the world, here and now, in the daily events of the whole human race.
  • A prophet takes sides.
  • A prophet won’t shy away from telling us that if we want a spiritual life, we must work for justice and peace.
  • Prophets announce God’s reign of justice and peace and publicly denounce the world’s regimes of injustice.
  • A prophet confronts the status quo.
  • The secure life is usually denied. More often than not the prophet is in trouble.
  • The prophet confronts the blindness and complacency of the religious leader—the bishops and priests who keep silent amid national crimes.
  • Prophets bear an aura of compassion and gentleness.
  • Prophets are visionaries. In a culture of blindness, they offer insight.
  • The prophet offers hope.