Cedarbrook Store Coop

Joining the Cedarbrook Health & Supplement Coop is free.  Coop members save 15% - 20% on professional, pharmaceutical grade supplements.  Any proceeds go to fund programs for brain health through our nonprofit Cedarbrook Center.  

We supply products through:

  • Wellevate from Emerson Ecologics (275 top brands - most available only through healthcare providers)
  • NP Script from Natural Partners (140 top brands - most available only through healthcare providers)
  • Mother Dirt (probiotics for the skin)
  • Airbiotics (probiotic cleaner for your home)
  • Discovery Toys (toys for child brain development)

To get more information, subscribe to our email list and check "Nutrition & Supplement Coop."  We'll send you order information monthly. 

Wellevate is a convenient way to purchase nutritional supplements and vitamins. Wellevate is Cedarbrook's online resource for professional-grade nutritional supplements supplied through Emerson Ecologics. Emerson Ecologics offers thousands of products from over 275 of the world’s top brands.

Wellevate Click here to get to Cedarbrook's Wellevate site.


is Cedarbrook's online store with products through Natural Partners. Natural Partners Inc. distributes more than 15,000 products from over 140 different brands.

 Click here to get to Cedarbrook's Natural Partners site.  When you set up your account, you will need the Cedarbrook code which you can get from your Cedarbrook practitioner