Christian theology supports the notion that we are "called" to a certain action and led by the Spirit of God. Whatever your faith tradition, there is some similar notion of "God's will for my life." Discernment is the process of listening for that call. If a priest, pastor, or other church minister speaks of their calling, people accept this with a smile of respect. If a layperson speaks like this, we get a silent pause and then a smile of a different kind. This smile might be interpreted as "OoohKaaay. He's delusional." I've gotten that second smile enough times that I have just learned to keep quiet. Until now.

This is the story of how I see the Spirit working in the lives of people open to the gentle whisper of the Spirit.


I’m not sure where the story begins. I’d like to believe it started “when time itself began to be” and that the human voices I hear are the “holy breath of God, speaking to our waiting world.”

I believe in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the universe’s organizing power, so this story probably has many beginnings of which I am unaware. I’ll start here.

Our Advisory Committee Members.


Next ...

I believe in the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the universe’s organizing power...and it seems that there are so many ways people are being led and called together. The bottom line, for now, is that I believe – as the Blues Brothers said – “we’re on a mission from God.” We have an idea that part of it is to help the mental health of vulnerable children in orphanages in a very poor a part of the world.

Beyond that, who knows? I am so grateful for your willingness to help and being open to wherever this may lead.