handle stress before it get the best of you

You can manage or eliminate 80% of your stress. We can show you how.

Why Choose Cedarbrook?

Life has stress. Too much stress can feel awful and contribute to emotional and physical distress, difficulties, disorders and diseases. Choose Cedarbrook because:

  • we listen
  • we understand
  • we take things at your speed
  • we stay current with research
  • we are experts with children, parenting, and realtionships.

We help you handle stress that leads to anxiety, depression, ADHD, parenting problems, work imbalance, and relationship difficulties.

Helping for 40 years

Jerry JensenJerry Jensen, MA, LP
MN Licensed Psychologist

Former teacher and principal

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We are online video chat specialists. We've been using video chat since 2014 and clients love it! VSee video chat is secure, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant.

Conveniently connect from any internet location in the world for counseling, coaching, and consultations. Clinical psychological services are available for MN residents only.

In addition to counseling, Cedarbrook offers programs in Brain Health, Focus for Success to overcome ADHD, and the Bredesen Protocol - a comprehensive, personalized program to improve cognition and reverse cognitive decline and early Alzheimer’s disease.
To find out about these and other offerings, go to our home page.