Focus for Success is individualized to meet your needs and goals. A typical program is as follows:

Individual introductory and attention screening session. Initial goals are set and your focus history is reviewed. Initial recommendations and program components are selected.

Individual computer assisted concentration sessions. There are some aspects of the program that are beneficial to all. If appropriate, we get you started with one-on-one individual education sessions using neurofeedback. This system, originally used by NASA to train astronauts and Air Force pilots, is adapted to help you increase:

  • attention stamina
  • time on task
  • working (short-term) memory sequencing
  • visual tracking
  • discriminatory processing
  • spatial memory

These skills are essential to improving concentration, academics, behavior, social interaction, and also benefit self-esteem.

Group computer assisted concentration sessions. After you've learned to focus and concentrate, we help you transfer those skills to the real world. Gradually we increase distractions and move you to a group setting so you can practice your skills in a school-like or work-like atmosphere. You'll still be working with your coach/teacher but in a group setting. Other program components added based upon your initial assessment and progress.