Marriage & Relationships

photo of JerryRelationships are the most important aspect of life and often taken for granted.  Throughout 2019, I'll be adding articles, videos, webinars, and on-line classes.  I've been teaching classes on "Marriage and Family" for over 30 years -- and I'll be putting together the best stuff here for you.  (You might have to make a donation to unlock all the topics in the member benefits area.)  

Until then, here are a few links I find interesting.

-- Jerry

Dating websites can provide a useful purpose. I've known many people who "met online."

Dating websites are based upon finding someone who is compatible -- your perfect match. While compatibility and communication skills are important, Commitment and Conflict Resolution skills are probably better predictors of marriage success.


The behavior she describes is dramatic --- but also listen for the "pattern of power and control".

  1. ILLUSION of woman being dominant partner. "He did this especially at the beginning by IDOLIZING me."
  2. ISOLATION. "...because I had made him feel so safe and loved that he didn't need to prove himself on Wall Street anymore."
  3. INTRODUCE the threat of violence (These are physical examples, but they could also be psychological, emotional, spiritual, etc).