I have been conducting online consultation sessions since 2014.  Online sessions work well and eliminate travel times.  Here's how to get started.

Get VSee ready.  (VSee is a secure, encrypted, HIPAA compliant video chat tool.) 

  1. You will need a device with a camera and microphone -- either a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone.
  2. Go here to get the free VSee app for your device. Make sure you get VSee Messenger -- not VSee Waiting Room.
  3. Once VSee is on your device, open it and "Create an account." That link will take you to their website where you create an account. Please let us know what email address you use – it's how we connect with VSee.
  4. VSee is an app that is on your device – it's not a web browser link. You need to open VSee each time we have a meeting.
  5. Once VSee is open, you will see a contact "Test Call". You can try a test call to make sure everything is working.
  6. Sometimes there is feedback or echo while using VSee. Feedback and echo are eliminated if you use a microphone and earphones.
  7. VSee is very intuitive, but if you want a tutorial, go here and scroll down to How to Use Stand-Alone VSee Video Chat Features.

Schedule an appointment -- choose one of the following.

1)  Call Jerry at 218-822-3736 and play phone tag.


2)  Use our online scheduling system 

VSee logoCedarbrook uses VSee for secure and encrypted telehealth video and chat. Download the free version for Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows device.

Schedule a session and use VSee for counseling sessions anywhere in Minnesota and consultations anywhere in the world.

Functional Health wordleFunctional Health uses lab tests to determine deficiencies and examines natural ways to help your brain "heal itself."

Conventional medicine looks at symptoms and tries to alleviate the symptoms. Functional Health looks for the underlying causes of the symptoms and addresses the root cause(s).



Some of Cedarbrook Counseling policies are listed below.  Click on the statement to read more.

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  1. Sessions cost $214 per 45 to 50-minute session. Sometimes, I will work out a payment plan with a client. Sometimes, I will negotiate the fee.
  2. Attention Screening sessions are between $675 - $775 for 2 hours including a follow-up reporting session. Further sessions and referrals to other specialists may be needed for a complete assessment.
  3. Behavior checklists are $35 per informant. Behavior checklists are completed before an Attention Screening.
  4. You pay us at each session. If you want to, you can submit claims to your insurance company for reimbursement.

That's the short bottom line.  Here's more detail:

Welcome to counseling services at Cedarbrook Counseling. There are times in everyone’s life when some help, understanding, and encouragement can make a difference. You deserve credit for recognizing that this might be one of those times and for taking a step toward changing and improving your situation.

You may pay for counseling services by using:

  • private payment of services for the utmost privacy and confidentiality
  • your out-of-network benefits of your health insurance plan

Note: accessing your health insurance benefits requires that counseling is medically necessary to treat a diagnosable mental health condition (i.e. depression, anxiety, etc.).

3 Steps in  3 minutes or less


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Cedarbrook Counseling LLC is a single member Limited Liability Company (LLC). I am the owner and provide servises as a Licensed Psychologist. I also donate time to Cedarbrook Center, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. I host this website for both the non-profit and the LLC (to save money for the non-profit). So that you can tell which services are provided by the LLC, I have used the "Body, Mind, Spirit" icon and my picture across the top. -- Jerry Jensen, MA, LP