FFS Testimonials


Our son was like all kids diagnosed with ADHD...ADD. Many challenges in school...staying on task, not handing in homework, failing classes, the list goes on...


We had him on meds from 1st grade until the last day of 5th grade. We just didn’t see how meds were doing any good, his skin was gray and he was so thin his ribs stuck out, and he wasn’t growing.


6th grade – 10th grade was a big challenge....The end of 10th grade we found Focus for Success !!!


Our son is now in his second semester of 11th grade...PASSING all classes, better focused, and his self esteem is so much better.


We just had an IEP meeting and his case manger commented on how much he has improved !!!


Note: The photo is representional and not a photo of the actual student.

photo of nikOur son, Nik (the photo is a model), had been on several meds over the last two years for ADHD. As soon as he started 5th grade the school system had asked us to please get him started on something. We didn't like doing it, but we thought it was the right thing to do for him.

My husband, John, read the article in Health Watch. He talked with the parents of the young boy in the article. He was encouraged by the conversation.

grant scaledTo medicate or not to medicate? If I start medication when do I stop it, at the end of high school, college after I start my career? Will there be side effects? These are all of the questions we struggled with when deciding what path to take with our son. We tried meds for a very short time, but they didn’t agree with him, he couldn’t eat, would cry very easily, and he couldn’t fall asleep. We could have tried harder to find a medication that worked for our son, but then I ran into Sandy Larson and she told me that there is another answer.

ellie croppedMy husband and I came across the Focus for Success website while searching for a way to help improve our then 9-year-old daughter's attitude toward school work. Since her earliest years of school, she seemed to struggle to pay attention and stay "engaged" in her reading and homework. Her teachers had always indicated that she was "doing just fine" but as parents we felt that while she always worked hard, she wasn't getting the most out of her efforts.


We met with Jerry and Sandy to learn more about the program and felt its benefits seemed a natural fit for our daughter. Just a few weeks into the program, her father and I agreed that we could see improvement in her ability to stay on task when completing her homework assignments. Even in her extracurricular activities, we felt that she exhibited an expanded capacity for focus and concentration.